Modern Whimsical Ace Hotel Wedding

1Heather and Nate’s fanciful and modern Ace Hotel wedding affair was captured elegantly by Amber and was filled with tons of one of kind personal touches to make this event truly their own. And apart from this, they also put too much of their effort in throwing off a really awesome party. It was definitely what I can call my kind of event! I’m crazy over Heather Valentino wedding dress which she paired off with an unusual veil that I’ve never seen before (just wait ‘til you see it here)! And make sure that you will read all about the inspiration behind it. Here’s what the couple can say about their wedding:

There wasn’t really what you can call a “main inspiration” for our wedding. We just wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible. Nate and I met at school and we got develop as we attended more and more dance parties. And so we wanted to make sure that everybody would dance at our wedding day. We opted the desert because we love going to Joshua Tree, but there was no place that could house the entire guests on the area so we ultimately decided on the Ace. I also chose the desert because of the surreal landscape which makes it all the more fitting for the surreal wedding that I had in mind. It was really a life-changing moment…

7 2 3 4 57 6Our favorite part of the wedding – Nate was able to compose a song that lasted about 2 minutes. It was very John Cage-like and it was played at the ceremony just as when we’re both staring at each other’s eyes. It was indeed a great moment to pause and feel the whole moment. It was also kinda funny because everyone doesn’t have an idea of what was happening, so they just played a long and laughed occasionally. This moment really reflected our admiration to humor, minimalist art, as well as each other.

15 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Heather’s modern styled veil was inspired from Balenciaga Hats. She wanted to have a version of these famous hats which was originally made in 1965 but failed to get one since they were sold out. So she contacted the custom hat maker Gunner Fox who once made hats for the movie “Gangs of New York” and made heather this one of a kind veil that depicts her love of surrealism and humor. Such a lovely piece isn’t it?

16And how much to do you admire her big succulent bouquet?

20 21 19 18 17I did not want my girls to wear the same bridesmaid dresses so I simply gave them some guidelines in choosing their dress for the wedding: a combination of black and white colorblock outfits and they all went out on their own. In this way, I could make sure that they would all love their dresses and would look ‘organized’ together. And they also chose their own footwear and told them to be creative. As you can see here, one of my friends wore studded shoes! They also did their makeup on their own so that all of them could all be comfortable with the way they looked.

27 22 24 26Heather was responsible for all the cactus and succulent centerpieces and sleek-looking metal house number were used instead of having the usual table numbers. I really love the modern feel they bring to the design of the reception area.

31 28 29 30Best wishes to Heather and Nate and we thank them for sharing their awesome day with us!

Venue: Ace Hotel Palm Springs, California | Floral Design: Cactus Mart in Morango | Wedding Dress: Valentino | Hair: Salon 119 | Groom Suit: Gieves & Hawke’s | Paper goods: Nate and Heather | cake: Juliette’s Bakery | music: DJ Chris Paul

Tennessee Farm Wedding

There isn’t a tiny bit of detail that I just couldn’t LOVE about this occasion. Think about a simple and yet a fiercely stunning approach to a humble farm wedding filled with soft toned, muted palette that could even make the most color pleased bride to reconsider. Wouldn’t you just love to take a peek into this heavenly affair? Well, you shouldn’t leave yourself contented with pure imaginings because we are going to take a glimpse of how this wedding came about through these pictures. Let all the images tell you the story about the couple’s union and let everything unfold as you look through these photos one by one.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

From the photography… Rob and Neely tied the knot at the picturesque Front Porch Farms located in Charlotte, Tennessee. Every single detail that was being used at the wedding was so magnificent from the flower arrangement that was made by Jaclyn Journey, the song and melodies of the wedding provided by Nicole Serrano, up to the amazing choice of foods that was served by the Chef’s Market. Neely who was the bride of the event is also a photographer and designer and because of this we knew all along that all the details of the celebration would all turn out to be beautiful. There were some personal favorites of mine that I couldn’t miss on mentioning and this were the braches of olives that were surrounding the entire farm. It was really a wonderful sight that’s worth seeing over and over.

All the guest had a great time at the wedding celebration. They had southern biscuits with ham which is a typical Southern recipe and they played bocce ball and horseshoes all day long. They also signed a copy of Tennessee’s map on the wall and this served as their guest book for that occasion.

All about the couple: He loves singing to her each and every morning; she pretends she’s an expert gourmet cook while in reality she’s still a novice; and he always is very supportive of all her dreams. She always has a heart for other people, always thinks that all of his jokes are very funny, and is easy going.

Rob and Neely had a typical type of love story. They both met at a bar somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the year 2010 then at team USA was playing against the soccer team from Ghana in the World Cup and the bar was going crazy as the house was filled with all those Red, White, and Blue fans! Who would ever though Nashville could be so patriotic? The pace was really crowded so Neely and her friends had this smart idea of bringing in camping chairs so that they could sit right in front of the television. Rob noticed their resourcefulness and worked his way to get close to where Neely was sitting. He complimented her for being clever and they have been to the same team since then. Team Tabor!

Dress: Lela Rose, The Farm | Floral Design: Jaclyn Journey | Ceremony Music: Nicole Serrano | Catering / Cake: The Chef’s Market | Groom’s Suiting: J.Crew | Hair + Make Up: Amanda Gros | Reception Band: The Downtown Band | Wedding + Ceremony: Front Porch Farms | Wedding Suite Design: Perky Bros.

La Jolla Beach Wedding Ruffled

aqua-seaside-wedding-84 aqua-seaside-wedding-82 aqua-seaside-wedding-78 aqua-seaside-wedding-50 aqua-seaside-wedding-42 aqua-seaside-wedding-39 aqua-seaside-wedding-28 aqua-seaside-wedding-23 aqua-seaside-wedding-19 aqua-seaside-wedding-14 aqua-seaside-wedding-13 aqua-seaside-wedding-11 aqua-seaside-wedding-09 aqua-seaside-wedding-08 aqua-seaside-wedding-07 aqua-seaside-wedding-06 aqua-seaside-wedding-05 aqua-seaside-wedding-04 aqua-seaside-wedding-03 aqua-seaside-wedding-02 aqua-seaside-wedding-01


Warm weather is finally here and it has been spreading all over. This could only mean one thing in the wonderful world of weddings: Expect a lot of magnificent soirees to happen at the beach! Nick and Jess are so lovely in their own beach wedding and they looked just natural as they tie the knot in the sands of tropical California. With Beau And Arrow Events to manage the decoration chores, it wouldn’t come a surprise that this event had turned out just as stunning as it was expected to be.

From the Bride… Nick is a surfer dude and I myself is a dame of the beach. We both have been to Hawaii, Nicaragua, Australia, and Costa Rica. Our love for the beach and surfing inspired everything that was seen at our special day. We wanted an affair were all of our family and friends could just relax and have a great time. We already have a general idea of how it would come about, but we’re having time on choosing the colors, decors, and other important details altogether. I wanted to my wedding to represent my rustic side of Texas childhood combined with my ultimate love for the beach. Beau and Arrow lead us to the right path and gave us the ideal color palette and designs that we could work on. They also introduced us to some of the vendors who could make our vision of the wedding into a reality.

Laid back and beachy-feel are some of the words I can use to describe our wedding. The colors that were mainly used depict the feel of the beach such as aqua, beach glass inspired shades, seafoams, silver, succulents, white flowers, and air plants. I also fell in love with the hints of mercury glass at the wedding.

The main DIY project of the day was the dessert inspired backdrop that Beau and Arrow created for the wedding. A full scale representation was actually used for this project with a lot of paper elements and this was realized to the brilliant ideas of some of the ladies that came up with this. This also covered the main door as well as the windows of the house though it was used during the wedding. The process of creating these details was very time consuming as each of the circle cut out was to be layered to the 4×8 insulation panels and then everything had to be put together to create one seamless backdrop.

What advice can you give to couples who are about to have their own weddings? Just remain true to your own style and spend only on the things that matter to you both. Our planners have found a perfect spot that can really turn our wedding into a complete affair. We were able to managed our expenses carefully and get everything that we’d hope for because they all share our vision for the wedding. If you hire vendors that you can trust, you will have a hassle free experience at the planning and you can fully enjoy everything.

We had one of our dearest friends to officiate the wedding for us. The ceremony was really ideal because we both can speak about our relationship right from the start. It was an easy choice than having someone who could create a “cookie cutter” of a ceremony.

Wedding Location: La Jolla, CA / Wedding Venue: The Martin Johnson House / Flowers: Root 75 / Wedding Dress: The Green Guide / Wedding Veil: Gorgeous Complements / Hair: Rachel Lehman / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dessy / Wedding Caterer: Coast Catering / Wedding Invitations: Sleepy Dreamer

baby soco

1-austin-baby-photographer 2-austin-baby-photographer 3-austin-baby-photographer 4-austin-baby-photographer 5-austin-baby-photographer 6-austin-baby-photographer 7-austin-baby-photographer

This newborn isn’t so newborn-y. He was a couple months old and past the bendy, sleepy stage, but isn’t he adorable?! Love these lifestyle photographs of this awesome sock family in central Austin. His silly faces crack me up. And check out this sweet image box they got with 5×7 prints and their high-res CD:

amber-snow-photography-1 amber-snow-photography-2 amber-snow-photography-3

A Surprising California Wedding

surprise-california-wedding-23 surprise-california-wedding-22 surprise-california-wedding-21 surprise-california-wedding-20 surprise-california-wedding-19 surprise-california-wedding-18 surprise-california-wedding-17 surprise-california-wedding-16 surprise-california-wedding-14 surprise-california-wedding-11 surprise-california-wedding-9 surprise-california-wedding-8 surprise-california-wedding-7 surprise-california-wedding-6 surprise-california-wedding-5 surprise-california-wedding-4 surprise-california-wedding-3 surprise-california-wedding-2 surprise-california-wedding-19 surprise-california-wedding-1 surprise-california-wedding-13

The surprise wedding that Megan Welker had organized really made our week. The thought of giving a great surprise to your friends and loved ones really is just heartwarming and after you will see the look on all of the guest’s faces, you’ll figure out what we’re just talking about. We can only imagine the mixed emotions that Michael and Deena were feeling at the hype of the moment. There were some guests who already knew that something great was about to happen especially after receiving those Sugar Paper invites that everyone thought was only for an engagement party, but when they arrived at the place they were greeted with a sign that says “Surprise! Welcome To Our Wedding!” and everybody got enthralled at the couple’s scheme that had everyone “fooled” in a positive way. After seeing the newlyweds matrimonial surprise, you might want to consider having one of these on your wedding too.

Seeing their faces just made everything priceless!

The couple chose a place that offers good food and has an open bar so that everybody could just enjoy their drinks all throughout. So they did not mind spending a little bit more and chose Tiato to be their venue for the wedding.

The bouquets were made of the following: Tillandsia plant (which was the main piece) surrounded with blue thistle, scabiosa pods, silver brunia, white mini carnations, succulents, and the adorned with dusty miller and beautifully tied with twine and off white satin band.

Oh you really are a sneaky (but lovely) couple…

And although the whole idea of the wedding was to turn it into a more exciting event, there’s actually one more thing they would have made differently…

We actually thought of letting a few people into our secret if they could only make it. The last thing we ever wanted to do was to hurt anyone’s feeling and that was pretty hard – And having some to find out about it was the wedding after the truth.

Tips to save money: Krate Catering had this amazing idea for our table linens. She actually bought drop clothing from a hardware shop and used it as the table covers for the wedding. Aside from that, she also cleverly spray-painted mason jars and inexpensive vases to give out a distinct but sophisticated look.  Moreover, the venue was also a money saver because we didn’t have to spend too much on the decors as the place was already a beauty by itself. The patio located outside was already filled with succulents, flowers, and herbs and that’s all we needed to prettify our wedding.

Our surprise wedding affair was inspired by our friends Greg and Chelsea Shukov (Chelsea being the owner of Sugar Paper) who also had their surprise wedding 10 years back. I happen to meet Chelsea after wedding and she told me in details on how they were able to pull it off. It was indeed a fun way to celebrate a wedding and it’s something different that can truly create memories that will be cherished. I also like this idea because in a way it would force me to make decisions right away and avoid the confusion of being stuck with a lot of wedding options. It was a way for us to prioritize and not to get caught up too much on the smallest details and focus on the only thing that really mattered – Getting married with the man that I love and sharing this day with all the people who meant the most to both of us.

One piece of advice that I can give is the wedding day does fly so fast and you can be easily overwhelmed with the adrenaline rush. So take time to pause for a moment and appreciate all that’s happening and find a way to “sync it in”. Aside from that, getting a coordinator to organize everything really makes a world of difference. Thank you Katie Staffert (and Pinterest too for being such an amazing tool!) for making everything possible.

Now that’s really a fun wedding I should say! Congratulations to Michael and Deena for being able to effectively keep such a secret.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Tiato / Event Coordination & Florist: Kreate Catering / Hair & Makeup:  TEAM Hair & Makeup / Cake:  Susan Scott, Pastry Girl 123 / Wedding dress designer: BHLDN / Bridesmaid Dresses: The Green Guide / Wedding shoes: Something Bleu Lambent Knot Heels / Groom’s Suit: J.Crew

merry christmas!

To all those that celebrate Christmas, have a merry one! If you don’t, Happy Holidays! I decided to post a very festive session on the blog today to celebrate. Are these two brothers not the most adorable brothers you’ve ever seen??

1-austin-family-photographer 2-austin-child-photographer 3-austin-baby-photographer 4-austin-family-photographer 5-austin-baby-photography 6-austin-kid-photography

took a break to play some -


and then a change of scenery -

8-austin-kid-photography 10-austin-kid-photography

This baby had one of the cutest nurseries I’ve ever seen, so I had to get a picture of him in front of his awesome Wild Things painting -


south congress family in austin, texas

I remember as a little kid just LOVING the library. I spent countless hours with my nose in a book, wandering off in my mind. The summer reading program was my obsession, and every week I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a big stack of new books. I’ve been wanting to photograph in a library for a while now, and since this family ventures to this one often, I thought it was only fitting.

austin-family-photographer-1 austin-family-photographer-2 austin-family-photographer-3

And then off to South Congress for some fun, family photos.

austin-family-photographer-4 austin-family-photographer-5 austin-family-photographer-6 austin-family-photographer-7 austin-family-photographer-8

Amber Snow is a family photographer in Austin, Texas specializing in baby and child photography.

east side baby – family photographer in austin, texas

Love the color in these family photographs. Taken against the vibrant walls of east Austin, these suit this family well. This little baby is 6 months old, probably my favorite baby age to photograph. This happy mama is also a fabulous local artist.

austin-family-photographer-1 austin-family-photographer-2 austin-family-photographer-3 austin-family-photographer-4 austin-family-photographer-5 austin-family-photographer-6 austin-family-photographer-7 austin-family-photographer-8 austin-family-photographer-9

last senior of 2010, class of 2011

This was the last senior I shot in 2010, and I love these pictures. And her boots are awesome.

1-senior-portraits-austin-tx2 2-senior-portraits-austin-tx1 3-senior-portraits-austin-tx1 4-senior-portraits-austin-tx1 5-senior-portraits-austin-tx1 6-senior-portraits-austin-tx1 7-senior-portraits-austin-tx 8-senior-portraits-austin-tx 9-senior-portraits-austin-tx 10-senior-portraits-austin-tx

I have already booked a couple of senior sessions for the spring of 2011, so email me soon if you’re interested. Those bluebonnets are quite popular.

goodbye fall – amber snow photography

So winter is officially started, and I didn’t even post this fun fall pic yet. Cliche, I know, but ya gotta do the leaves.